Kate Soper

H   E   R   E       B   E       S   I   R   E   N   S  

"...an erudite, hilarious, furiously inventive meditation on the siren myth..."
- The New Yorker

"....audacious, genre-bending music theatre...."
- The Wall Street Journal (full review)

"...inspired and strangely powerful...no one interested in smudging the boundaries of contemporary opera and theater should miss it."
- The New York Times (full review)

HERE BE SIRENS is an opera/theatre work that blends beautiful music, terrifying noise, screwball comedy, and Aristotelian tragedy to present the mythological sirens as real beings, invested in their own origins and obsessed with the possibility of escape from the tedium of endless irresistible desire. Book and music by Kate Soper.


Instrumentation: three sopranos and grand piano (three performers total)
Run time: 100 minutes (no intermission)
Score available for purchase or licensing, here.
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Listen to "O Sailor" (text by Kate Soper):

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Below: scene 7 excerpt, "Peitho Rising"

“We always find something, eh Didi, to give ourselves the impression we exist?”

-Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot